8. Online Driver UK for Businesses and Drivers

We process your information to determine whether you may be interested in hearing about Online Driver UK for Business service and, if your employer signs up for Online Driver UK for Business, to make this service available to you.

Where we think you are using your Online Driver UK account for business purposes and your company may be interested in our Online Driver UK for Business service, where appropriate, we may contact you (by email, telephone, Zoom, Google hangouts & more) to let you know about this service. We do this as it's in our legitimate business interests. You have the right to object to receiving these types of communications, which you can do by responding to our emails to unsubscribe or by contacting us using the contact details in this privacy policy.

If your employer signs up for Online Driver UK for Business, we will contact you to let you know that the Online Driver UK for Business service is available to you. If you would like to take up your employer’s offer to use Online Driver UK for Business. For more information, please contact your employer.

When you use Online Driver UK for Business, we will process your information for the purposes set out in this privacy Policy. We will also share personal data relating to your order (such as the order date and time, the payment amount and the restaurant or place with which the order was placed) with your employer.

Online Driver UK will ask you to provide driving licenses, verify your home address, mobile number and email address, a skype, zoom or google hangout interview will be required before you can become a driver, QR codes are to be used for secure deliveries, appropriate insurance certificate must also be shown along with I.D.

Online Driver UK verifies everyone who applies to become a driver looking for a job or a business who is looking for drivers, we have a strong interview process to keep businesses, drivers and parcels safe, this includes verification delivery, we make sure the parcel has been delivered to the correct person or in the correct safe place, it is the drivers responsibility to make sure they have done all the steps of the delivery process for the parcel to be delivered correctly, this may end up costing the driver if the steps are not followed.