Online Driver UK

Online Driver UK is the only secure delevery driver matching service, matching delevery driving jobs for sucessful candidates who fulfill our strict guidlines and security training program.


Our service is available to any citizen of the United Kingdom.

All drivers employed by Online Driver UK and its partners must be fully vetted, verified and will be interviewed on video via Zoom.


Online Driver UK, will carry out all necessary verification checks and security checks for members of the Public wishing to become a driver and a valued part of our team.

We will carry out security checks, using the DVLA daterbase to match and verify driving licence deatails.


We will also conduct a criminial record check for all applicants who apply for a position via our online portal, we carry out this check using the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service.)

At Online Driver UK, we help drivers and customers stay safe, providing training in personal safety and security awearness, this will also be useful in keeping the customers packages safe too.


We will use a secure verification process using QR codes this will ensure that the right parcels get delivered person at the right time.


Using QR code technology, Online Driver UK also creates a verified Digital Identification system for each of our drivers, this will allow members of the genral public to use their mobial phones to scan the QR code that will be printed on the drivers physical identification card and or clothing. Once the QR code is scanned, it will take the customer to a portal via this website and it will dissplay a live photo and deatails of the drivers image, this will be in digital format and would match with the physical identification card.


You See more about our Online Drivers "Digital Identification System"...here


Happy drivers, equals happy customers and happy customers equals happy businesses and drivers.

Drivers will also be rated by the customers feedback.  

We give peace of mind to our distributors and drivers who are verified by human verification, we may from time to time also use AI algorithms.


We give more protection for drivers and more protection for your goods, we have verified deliveries, meaning your parcels can not get delivered to an unauthorised person or delivered to an unsecure place.

We charge a membership fee for businesses so you can quickly and easily employ drivers fully vetted drivers to deliver your goods in a secure way.


We have drivers reday for all your business needs on standby 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, we have fully vetted daterbase of drivers on call for your last minute needs.

Our Process

Step one

Driver applies and is checked and verified by our team members

Step two

Verified businesses can come straight to us and we will match them with a verified driver that fits their criteria and area, we take care in matching the right driver for the Job at hand. 




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