Terms and Conditions

Online Driver UK Contract with you or your business 

When you use our service whether as a business or a driver you enter into a contract with Online Driver UK, the terms and conditions below set out our service commitments and your responsibilities under our contract, along with our legal information about our liability and your liability under the contract, this includes how you will be compensated in the likely hood something goes wrong which is down to our fault.

It is important that you read these terms and conditions very carefully and understand what you are reading, we have down our most to set these out clearly and easy to understand but in the likelihood you do not understand anything written in these terms and conditions please get in touch through our contact page here.

Your responsibility as a business

You must ensure that you do not:

Do not give any false details when applying to use our service 

Do not use our service to: send any prohibited items on the prohibited list

Do not use our service to send or try to send any parcels that we do not except for delivery

Do not use our service to: send or try to send illegal goods this includes are illegal for delivery or the supply of illegal goods to the recipient

You also must ensure:

Ensure the weight and size of the parcel is the weight and size you declare the parcel to be, please see our parcel sizes and weight chart which forms part of these conditions.


There will be extra charges if your parcel is found to be the wrong size and/or weight, the charges will include the correct size and weight guide and the administrative fee. 

Ensure the item you wish to be delivered is labelled clearly and correctly using the labels giving to you from Online Driver UK this ensures the package has the correct labeling and the unique QR code to scan the parcel is scanned and tracked.

Please ensure all goods are protected wrapped and boxed to protect against any knocks and bumps that may occur, If it is a fragile package make sure you let us know when applying for our service and that the package is labelled to show this is fragile please use or package guidance to help you protect your package.

How you pay the driver is up to the business, you can pay us to pay the driver this means you will be charged for our service when you request one or more of our fully vetted drivers this will be released to the driver when a correct procedure has been followed and delivery has been confirmed through the computer technology this is a cheaper membership fee each month for businesses, if the business decides to pay the wages direct to the driver then a increased membership fee will be charged, non members will be charged an increased one off fee, per driver.

You must ensure that you and your team are polite and courteous to our staff and team at all times, abuse to any of our staff is not tolerated and this can include extra charges or terminating any contract between Online Driver UK and the business, we also enforce the same policy as we would not accept any of our staff to be abusive to you or your staff.


Please ensure you submit no more than one account per business as this makes it confusing for our team.


 Your responsibility as a driver

You must ensure you do not give any incorrect or false details when signing up to join, Online Driver UK will take action against you and can include prosecution where necessary.


Do not leave any goods with irrelevant people or places if they have not got the QR delivery code to confirm delivery then you can not leave the goods.

Do not be abusive and rude to customers or staff this can terminate your contract with immediate effect and/or leaving you owing compensation.


Drivers may incur penalties if the correct procedures are not followed correctly. (see driver penalties)

Please ensure you follow all the delivery steps:

PICTURE - When you first receive the parcels you must take a picture and scan the Drivers code on the package

CODE - When delivering the Goods to the customer, the customer will give you a code you must scan this code otherwise you could not be paid for the delivery, you must also take a picture.

SAFE If you are leaving the parcel in a safe place do not leave it without the QR code present, the code can also be left with a trusted friend or neighbor by the customer, this will be updated for you to view and see delivery instructions.

As a Driver when applying for Online Driver UK you must ensure:

You must make sure you have the relevant documents, such as driving license, correct insurance documents, work visa documents if applicable.

Your most important responsibility is to get the parcel safely and securely to the customer along with following the delivery steps, failure to do so can see you being charge for all of the goods or 75% of the value of goods minimum, so this is super important to follow!

Takeaway and retail drivers has separate steps to take these includes:

You must register your attendance with the restaurant or store and Online driver this is just one code and super easy to do get the code of the business to put in your mobile phone device and confirm you was there.

You the driver will get paid per delivery depending on the radius

Take pictures of your receipts and send them to Online Driver UK, this is so we can match your earnings with the restaurant and make sure you get paid the correct amount.

Most important for takeaway or retail drivers is to get the takeaway or goods to the home in time, safely and securely!

On call Online Drivers UK responsibility 

When you are an on call online driver you are needed within less time then 48 hours notice to work this is for quick and sufficient driver selection, as an on call driver you get a bonus pay of £25 whenever you are needed and a little higher rates when working this will be discussed with yourself.

  • On call drivers must be available when needed, you have three refusal in a row before being taken off the On call drivers register.

  • You must do the steps above whether you are on call for parcel delivery or takeaway service.

  • You must ensure you do not give any incorrect or false details when signing up for Online Driver UK will take action against this can include prosecution where necessary.

  • Do not leave any goods with irrelevant people or places if they have not got the code to confirm delivery then you can not leave the goods.

  • Do not be abusive and rude to customers or staff this can terminate your contract with immediate effect and you could be charged compensation in some cases.

 Some parcels you will not get compensated for

Please see the invalid compensation list here;

If a driver has obtained the code which only the customer has access to, this is our proof of delivery and will mean that you the business will not be compensated for the package (please note the driver does not know the code until the package is delivered).

How I can protect my Parcel: Full Cover

Our liability for lost or damaged Parcels is limited under conditions set out by our invalid compensation list. However, you can buy additional protection for loss or damage during the Order booking process. Please note that you may not be entitled to the Full Cover of your Parcel if it is not adequately packaged, if it is on the Invalid Compensation list or Prohibited Item list.

Items you can not send

It is extremely important that you ensure that you do not send anything which is on our prohibited list;

If you do send something which is on this list, we will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to it, and we may require you to compensate us and any affected third parties if your parcel causes any damage, injury or loss. You will not be entitled to compensation for any Prohibited Items.

Electrical or electronic equipment

As we cannot test whether any electrical or electronic equipment that you provide to us in a Parcel is functioning properly before we deliver it for you, we cannot accept liability for any Damage or loss of data except where:

Damage through negligence was caused by us or our drivers and proof of this is available

When you might have to compensate us

If you breach these terms and conditions or terms and conditions from an employer and your breach causes harm, distress or damage to any person, our property or third person properties or where you are liable for additional fees and charges.

For example if you send an item on the prohibited list and this item hurts anyone or causes damage to any persons parcel, goods or property, you will be ordered to compensate us and anyone else affected, other examples includes live mice, flammable liquid or even paint, anything that causes damage or puts the driver at risk, please make sure you choose the correct delivery and wrap your items properly and do not send anything on the prohibited list.

Drivers and Businesses penalties

What are penalties and why do they exist?

Penalties occur when:

1. Our Procedure has not been followed

2. False or incorrect details are giving at the time of application or any other time

3. Parcel are damaged or go missing when in your care

Civil Action and criminal action will be taken if any false or incorrect information is giving when signing up or during the time you are deployed by Online Driver UK.

*please note, You may be charged between 75%-100% of any goods that gets damaged or lost.

Our service commitments to you

Our purpose is to help businesses become matched with verified drivers and to match drivers with businesses whilst helping businesses find drivers and to safely and securely to deliver any goods you send through our drivers.

We will verify drivers, this includes interviews over Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or something similar, drivers licences verification including checking those on the licence are who they say they are, we check the correct insurance is being used, we check visas where necessary, DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), Address verification, email and phone number verification, *Please note any changes on the drivers side must be updated otherwise fees may occur    

We bring a strict interview process, to enable you to hire trusted drivers fast with secure delivery.

We only hold trusted businesses and drivers on our records and we take action against those who fraud or try to fraud Online Driver UK.

Security Equipment

All drivers and businesses will be giving the opportunity to purchase, body worn trackers, GPS tracker, warning signs, dash cameras, hi-vi's, PPE equipment.

Training on how to use these security features will be given through Online Driver UK, there is a procedure to follow when using body cameras and some other security devices, we make this easy understandable so your not left with out evidence for a variety of different reasons.

These security features helps prevent crimes and helps to keep the driver and the general public safe which is why we have partnered Online Driver UK with Catch a Thief UK helping to detect, prevent, investigate crimes whilst identifying suspects.


The safety of a our drivers is important and our security features helps drivers to deliver parcels with their safety in mind.

The price of these products will be charged to the drivers, more information about the products available when you sign up.

Vehicle Type

Depending on your vehicle and circumstances this will impact what you can and can not deliver, such as the size of the package and the weight of the parcel.

In the full application you will be asked your vehicle type and what lifting equipment you may have, this will help us to know what parcels are realistic for you to carry and deliver safely.

Motor bikes max weight 8KG these will be small parcels no large parcel at all.

A car or small van can carry in your car or small van, more goods then the motorbike, however depending on the parcel height and weight you need to follow the guidelines, which suggest that the maximum weight men should lift at work is 25kg for loads held close to the body at around waist height. The recommended maximum weight is reduced to 5kg for loads being held at arms length or above shoulder height. Maximum weight guidelines recommend lower weights for women.

A large van - The fact the guidelines suggest that the maximum weight men should like at works is 25 KG. Loads which are held close to the body at around waist height the recommended weight is reduced to 5 KG for loads being held at arms length or above shoulder height. Maximum weight guidelines recommend lower weight for women. It can be very useful to get some equipment to help you with the lifting any heavy items, this way you can ensure you can deliver a bulky or heavy item safely.

Each person is assessed individually so these means if you have got issues with lifting heavy items, please let us know and we can allocate you lighter parcels to go with your health needs.

Kinetic Lifting is important to learn this will be added as free advice for anyone to use, you will be asked if you have read or watched the information and whether you understand how kinetic lifting works and what the procedure to follow is.

 We take no responsibility for driver injured, unless it is due to our negligence. Is it up to the driver to ensure that the parcels they take fit in their car and they are able to carry it comfortably and without straining, whilst using the kinetic lifting guidelines.

Equality and Diversity Statement 

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society.

It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations. It sets out the different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat someone. Read More

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1975

  • Race Relations Act 1976

  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995